Tuesday, 13 September 2011

HomeLearning 1

This is a low angle, a medium shot of a brown teenage male. He is wearing a cap which covers most of his hair and sunglasses. The sunlight is shining on his face which makes it hard for us to see the face clearly. Him looking at the window could indicate that he is currently in a moving vehicle and travelling somewhere far.
The sun not shining from above could mean that the sun is just coming up or it’s going down. By him wearing the sunglasses it gives a sense of mystery or it could just mean he’s relaxing and protecting himself from the sun. He is looking away from the camera, so he may not have noticed the person taking the picture.
The person is wearing normal clothes and he also has a bag which could mean he’s a normal person travelling somewhere.
This shot was achieved by a teenage male sitting on a train, and all of the lights are natural coming from the sun.

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