Monday, 10 October 2011

Farewell Induction Blog...

I have learnt many new things while putting together my induction blog, I have learnt how to edit how to film and a lot about how the film industry works. I am now leaving this behind and moving on to my thriller blog:

Farewell induction blog gonna miss you!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Preliminary Task Pre-Production

I'm working in a group with Aruran and Aymen for this project, we have chosen a simple plot. It's going to be about a young boy who insults another boys mother, and the boy who's mother had been insulted is furious and in rage to get the other boy back...

This will contain match on action and a conversation 

Anujan: Aymen I heard that you insulted my mother.
Aymen: yes, I did what are you gonna do about it 

Anujan looks like hes going to start a fight with Aymen

Anujan: you know what I'm telling the teacher!

Anujan leaves to go to the office and report Aymen

The first shot is going to be a of a boy running down the corridor and reporting to Anujan that he hear Aymen was insulting his mum. For this we're going to have to take a long shot and establish shot and then a mid shot when the boy is telling Anujan. The second shot will be a close up of Anujan's face while he's angry and in rage to get Aymen. The third shot will be a match on action when Anujan opens the door to find Aymen.

Soundtrack to 'The Proposal'

Hitchcock's 'The Birds' - Continuity

There are 18 scenes in this clip and these are the different types of shots:

1. Establishing Shot (tracking shot)
2. Mid-shot
3. Mid-Long shot (tracking shot)
4. Low angle mid-shot
5. Mid-shot (turns into a long shot as actor walks)
6. Mid-shot
7. Close-up
8. Medium Close-up
9. Mid-shot
10. Medium close-up
11. Close-up
12. Medium close-up
13. Long Shot (Point of View shot)
14. Mid-Shot
15. Close-up
16. Medium Close-up
17. Long shot
18. Low angle close-up

1. What principles of continuity are used here? How successfully?

When she was walking through the door this is a good example of continuity because it was a different shot as she opened the door and a different shot when she walked in.

2. What is the effect of the editing on the viewer? What are we meant to feel at different stages?

I mainly think it has to flow and not look cut, and It's supposed to build up tension and the viewer is meant to think whats going to happen next.

3. What is the 'best bit' for you in this sequence in terms of learning new techniques and why?

Continuity is what interested the most the match on action. And also when they took the woman's face and then her point of view.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Camera Work

In this lesson we learnt basic camera techniques, we used to the dolly and the tripod to do these shots and try out the different types of shots we can do with this. It is much easier using a tripod and a dolly while taking different shots, such as a tracking shot you don't have to follow something with your hand but u can just push it along and it comes out very smoothly and the angles would not have been changed.

From this I did not only gain basic camera skills but also new skills in editing (in final cut express). I learn how to add text to my video, which will be helpful in future videos, and I also learnt how to add new effects.

Note: This is a shot of a conversation* not coversation

Good and Bad Shots

We took pictures of good shots and bad shots, such as good headroom/bad headroom and good nose room/bad nose room.

The first picture shows bad headroom. There is too much space between the actor and the frame. This makes the actor appear smaller. The actor is too low in the frame

The second picture represents good headroom. In this picture the actor is not to low down in the frame or his head isn't going out of the frame, he's in the middle of the frame and there's tiny headroom on the top.

The third picture shows bad nose room. The actors face is too close to the frame, it seems like his face has hit a wall. There is also ways too much space behind the character which is also not good.

The fourth picture shows good nose room. There is good space between the actor and the frame and it does not seem like the actor is going to hit into anything.