Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hitchcock's 'The Birds' - Continuity

There are 18 scenes in this clip and these are the different types of shots:

1. Establishing Shot (tracking shot)
2. Mid-shot
3. Mid-Long shot (tracking shot)
4. Low angle mid-shot
5. Mid-shot (turns into a long shot as actor walks)
6. Mid-shot
7. Close-up
8. Medium Close-up
9. Mid-shot
10. Medium close-up
11. Close-up
12. Medium close-up
13. Long Shot (Point of View shot)
14. Mid-Shot
15. Close-up
16. Medium Close-up
17. Long shot
18. Low angle close-up

1. What principles of continuity are used here? How successfully?

When she was walking through the door this is a good example of continuity because it was a different shot as she opened the door and a different shot when she walked in.

2. What is the effect of the editing on the viewer? What are we meant to feel at different stages?

I mainly think it has to flow and not look cut, and It's supposed to build up tension and the viewer is meant to think whats going to happen next.

3. What is the 'best bit' for you in this sequence in terms of learning new techniques and why?

Continuity is what interested the most the match on action. And also when they took the woman's face and then her point of view.

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