Thursday, 6 October 2011

Preliminary Task Pre-Production

I'm working in a group with Aruran and Aymen for this project, we have chosen a simple plot. It's going to be about a young boy who insults another boys mother, and the boy who's mother had been insulted is furious and in rage to get the other boy back...

This will contain match on action and a conversation 

Anujan: Aymen I heard that you insulted my mother.
Aymen: yes, I did what are you gonna do about it 

Anujan looks like hes going to start a fight with Aymen

Anujan: you know what I'm telling the teacher!

Anujan leaves to go to the office and report Aymen

The first shot is going to be a of a boy running down the corridor and reporting to Anujan that he hear Aymen was insulting his mum. For this we're going to have to take a long shot and establish shot and then a mid shot when the boy is telling Anujan. The second shot will be a close up of Anujan's face while he's angry and in rage to get Aymen. The third shot will be a match on action when Anujan opens the door to find Aymen.

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