Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Good and Bad Shots

We took pictures of good shots and bad shots, such as good headroom/bad headroom and good nose room/bad nose room.

The first picture shows bad headroom. There is too much space between the actor and the frame. This makes the actor appear smaller. The actor is too low in the frame

The second picture represents good headroom. In this picture the actor is not to low down in the frame or his head isn't going out of the frame, he's in the middle of the frame and there's tiny headroom on the top.

The third picture shows bad nose room. The actors face is too close to the frame, it seems like his face has hit a wall. There is also ways too much space behind the character which is also not good.

The fourth picture shows good nose room. There is good space between the actor and the frame and it does not seem like the actor is going to hit into anything.

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